LUX-GOLD Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet

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Product Description

LUX GOLD takes your personal spa experience to the next level. The stylishly designed curvy look, combined with a touch of gold plate cover and a matching gold chrome knob, adds elegance to all bathrooms. It is equipped with all the features of the LUX plus more.

As a user approaches, the lid automatically opens to welcome the user like a waving hand, with a gentle tap of a foot, the seat rises and closes at your command. After each use, it automatically closes the lid and flushes as the user leaves, offering a true hands-free experience. You’ll also enjoy the three sided control panel that lets you adjust water temperature, spray strength, and more.


Hygiene Technology Comfort Safety

Rear wash
Front wash
Self-cleanse nozzle
Massage wash
UV sterilizer
Replaceable nozzle tip 


Automatic open lid
Tap-to-open seat
Automatic close lid/seat
Three sided remote control
Microwave precision sensor
Infinity Knob
Power-outage flush
Power-outage memory
Night light

Seat sensor
Heated seat
Warm air dry
Air temperature control
Water pressure control
Water temperature control
Nozzle position control
Silent slow closing lid and seat
Side button control
Remote control with wall-mount bracket

Power leak protection
Double filtration
Anti-bacteria nozzle
IPX4 water resistance
Pressure control device
Stainless-steel nozzle
Antibacterial coating seat

Installation Guide: Download Here