TitanDT-300 Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet

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Ecoway offers this TitanDT-300 Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet for a supreme bathroom experience.


  • Automatically opens when you walk towards the toilet
  • Opens the seat as user places foot in front of the sensor
  • Flushes when you stand up or walk away
  • Senses temperature in the room and adjusts the seat temperature accordingly
  • Self-cleaning nozzle

If you are looking for a toilet with a bidet that can do it all, then this smart toilet is for you. Don't settle for second best. The TitanDT-300 provides all the luxuries and features that a modern toilet should, and then some. With built-in sensors, the Titan opens automatically when you walk in the room, and flushes when you get up. Along with a built-in bidet with female-specific settings, multiple massage features, a self-cleaning nozzle, warm air dryer, seat temperature control, night light, self-rising and falling cover, and massage cleansing, the Titan will do it all. Give your castle a proper throne. Order yours today!

  • Provides a luxurious bathroom experience 
  • Fast shipping to all Canadian provinces
  • Limited three-year warranty


Hygiene Technology Comfort Safety
Rear wash
Front wash
Turbo wash
Self-cleanse nozzle
Massage wash
Children wash
Ground sensor flush
Foot sensor flush
Power-outage flush
Power-outage memory
Full auto flush
Night light
Auto lid/seat opening
Seat sensor
Heated seat
Warm air dry
Air temperature control
Water pressure control
Water temperature control
Nozzle position control
Silent slow closing lid and seat
Power leak protection
Power saving mode
Double filtration
Anti-bacteria nozzle
IPX4 water resistance
Pressure control device
Stainless-steel nozzle



  • Dimensions: 680 x 380 x 510 mm
  • Voltage: 120V~60Hz
  • Max. Power Consumption 1050W
  • Applicable water pressure: 0.15-0.75Mpa
  • Control: Side panel, and remote control
  • Built-in Tank-less design
  • Flush Type: Single
  • Rated Flush Volume: 1.28gpf/4.8lpf
  • Flush Mechanism: Pressured flush
  • Water resistance level: IPX4
  • Model Number: ST2050/2050


TitanDT300 User Manual English

TitanDT300 User Manual French

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